1. Quellaveco Open Pit Copper Mine project, which is located near the Moquegua of Peru, is one of the most largest copper mines in the world;

2. For this project, the End User and Client is Anglo American, and FLUOR is the EPCM Company.

CNOOD award the structural steel packages in the year of 2018 and 2019. The working scope cover from connection engineering, detailing engineering, steel structures fabrication and supply, miscellaneous products supply, as well as part of local services. The supply products quantity is more than 13,000 tonnages.

Project Challenges

1. Various kinds and categories of steel structures, and miscellaneous products supply;
2. Engineering deliverables are released in sequence, with interface of each release. Meanwhile, the engineering work covers almost all the structures of Mining project, with various characteristic and fabrication requirement;
3. Structural steel delivery schedule is critical for project site construction works;
4. Global sourcing and supply.

Our Solutions

1. Consolidate all the Teams, from raw material supplier, fabricators as one team to cooperate together to provide integrated and optimized solutions;
2. Global sourcing networks and procurement works;
3. Effective communication and coordination with engineering teams, including Client engineering teams, to ensure the fabrication progress and delivery milestones;


1. On-time supply delivery to ensure the construction milestones;
2. High-quality supplied products to promote the construction works going effectively;
3. Effective and smoothly communication, cooperation and coordination with all the parties to create values for all parties;
4. Over-valued service for Client.