感恩相遇 不负遇见



感恩相遇 不负遇见

Thank Goodness I Have Met You


The spring of 2020 seemed to be fleeting. In a wink, April is coming. I graduated in April, which means I've been working for seven years. I still remember the scene in the fall of 2013 when Dennis and Fay recruited graduates in our campus. I can also recall the day when I, nervous and exalted, stepped into the 10th floor of the Universal Mansion to start my internship.


Now we have moved our office to the Yueshang plaza for a long time. I have also developed from a fledgling assistant to a project manager, witnessing the rapid growth and transformation of the company over the years. Dennis often says that the future lies in the hands of young people. Only when young people have developed well, will there be a future for the company. Every year when we recruit staff in the campus, I would feel with emotion that we are raising the threshold increasingly higher. We are making detailed requirements on the professional background of the applicants. In this way, the company has been upgraded in its talent structure and reserves.


10th floor of the Universal Mansion


Yueshang plaza


I must thank lucky chance for allowing me to get the first job in CNOOD after leaving the campus. Here, we have professional, authoritative industry experts, who lead young people to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit. Here, we have professional mentors of high virtue and glorious name, who power the growth of young people. Here, we have like-minded partners, who show respect, trust and transparency. And here, we have a corporate culture, like a family, where we care for each other to create happiness. Everyone brings their own light, confident and yet humble. I often wonder I might have dropped off if I do not work hard enough. I think it is exactly such a learning atmosphere, like spring breeze and drizzle, that moisturizes things in silence and shapes every person in CNOOD.

感谢时光,让我遇到了可爱的施璐德家人们。“施璐德的人都跟打了鸡血一样,工作太拼了!”、“这是施璐德的做事风格。” 每次听到这样的评价,我都觉得挺骄傲的,我们在这个行业内起到了旗帜一样的榜样作用。在工作中我们遇到过非常不信任中国制造的业主监理,也遇到过施工制造环境恶劣并且交货期紧急的项目。因为施璐德的质量控制体系,业主监理从一开始的不信任到项目结束后把我们推荐给其他的业主;因为项目管理优势,我们把不可能赶上的交货期变成了如期交付;因为共同利益,我们牺牲项目成本也要把客户的利益放在第一位;因为团队的力量,我们总是能“化险为夷”,完成一个个看似不可能完成的目标。那些每天两点一线的驻厂时光、在办公室讨论到凌晨的会议、陪业主代表现场检验……这些点点滴滴,回想起来已完全不记得当时的困难和劳累,只记得项目在经过团队努力后得到推动和进展的喜悦和成就感。

I must thank time for letting me to meet the lovely CNOOD family. "The CNOOD people are hyped up at work!" "This is the corporate work style." Every time I hear that, I feel proud, as we have now developed into a pacesetter in the industry. In our work, we met project supervisors on behalf of the proprietors who distrust made-in-China. We also met projects of poor construction environment and pressing delivery time. Because of our quality control system, the supervisors transformed from distrust in the very beginning to offering to recommend us to other business owners at the end of the projects. Because of competitive project management, we turned an impossible delivery to due delivery. Because of common benefits, we put the customer's interest first, at the expense of the project cost. Because of the power of the team, we can always "head off the danger" to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. The time spent to shuttle between the factory and home every day, the meetings attended in the office till early morning, the travels accompanying the owner's representative to make on-site inspection.... As I recall all these bits and pieces, I have forgotten the difficulties and tiredness. I only remember the joy and accomplishment after our projects are promoted and advanced under the joint efforts of the team.

感谢施璐德平台,个人的成长离不开公司的培养和投入。从我来到公司,公司组织过性格测试情绪管理类培训、礼仪培训、职场演讲技能等培训,这些培训让我更了解自己,更懂得要勇敢表达自己,表达欣赏,表达感谢;在专业技能方面,组织不同领域的前辈们给全员做专业采购和项目管理案例、IPMP培训、标准解读学习、FIDIC合同条款解读等分享。公司给每一个人最大的权限和信任,每一位新人都有同等的机会独立执行一个项目。另外,在施璐德没有什么比榜样的力量更有影响力了。耳濡目染Dennis, Fay, Max, Tiger, Tina姐,石头姐以及其他同事的做人做事的原则,学习他们怎么发展客户,怎么做项目管理,怎么带团队。不管是工作上还是生活中,他们就像大家长一样,关心、帮助每一位后进来的同事。

I must thank the CNOOD for providing a platform, as our growth is inseparable from the training and investment of the company. Soon after I was admitted to the company, I went through personality test, emotional management training, etiquette training, workplace speaking skills training. They let me know more about myself, encouraged me to express myself bravely, speak out appreciation and gratitude. In terms of professional skills, the company has invited senior staff from various fields to share professional procurement and project management cases, IPMP training, standard interpretation and learning, and interpretation of FIDIC contract terms. It gives everyone the maximum authority and trust, and every newcomer has an equal chance to carry out a project independently. There is nothing more influential in CNOOD than the power of role models. I have been influenced by Dennis, Fay, Max, Tiger, Tinajiang and Tinaxu for their principles of behavior. I have learned from them how to develop clients, manage projects and lead teams. Whether at work or in life, they are like parents, caring and helping every newcomer. 


I must thank myself for taking each step firm and down-to-earth. When I first came to CNOOD, the most frequently heard soul question was "Is your interest here? It is false to say that I have never been lost. These years, the company has been expanding its business fields. Every year more excellent people join in. Dennis has often shared with us his thinking on the future direction and the strategy of the company. Sometimes I would doubt myself. This is not my major. Can I really do it? But I am clear in my heart that I like here. I like to deal with people. I believe in my ability to learn and adapt. I tell myself there is nothing to fear. In case of difficulties, the TEAM and the company will give me a helping hand. I will say it out when I have difficulty and confusion. Communication doesn't necessarily solve problems at once, but looking at problems at a different angle brings me new ideas, and eliminates the risk of going into a dead end, or taking a winding course. It has turned out that no matter how long the road is, we can complete it step by step. No matter how short the road is, we will not reach it if we do not step forward. So long as we adhere to our own, and keep the faith, something good will come of it.


"Give CNOOD 10 years, and we will have a brand new self." In 2020, CNOOD will kick off a new start for the next decade. In the past six years, I have accumulated experience and grown up to make the transition. In the next six years, I hope I can play my advantages at work, build up a professional "personal brand", duly achieve my small goals and plans at each stage, closely follow the development direction of the company, grow and prosper with the company.



March 9, 2020

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Heather, Master, graduated from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, and joined CNOOD in April 2014.


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