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With Love in Heart

——徐丹妮 Danni


When I was a pupil, I was told to write a composition on a person I admired most, I chose to write my mother, who was a nurse. She used to work the night shift, and came back home in the early morning the second day. In my little mind, she was the most diligent person in the world.


Year in and year out, mom has worked as a nurse for 35 years. In this period, she was shifted among the surgery, internal medicine, brain surgery, orthopedics and nursing departments. My family would joke wherever she goes, that must be the busiest place in the hospital, because we know she is rigorous and serious by nature, and she will work diligently in all places. She used to tease me, "If I had known earlier, I won't have let you read so much. It will be nice to have you stay in Anqing and be a nurse."


At the end of 2019, mom was transferred to the disease prevention and control section, a newly established branch of the hospital. Soon afterwards, there came the news that Wuhan had unidentified pneumonia cases. Professionally sensitive, mom, with years of nursing experience, reacted immediately. She knew if this "battle" was to start, her section would be at the front line. She organized a series of training activities to get the staff well prepared in the knowledge of infectious disease prevention and control. They were ready to respond to emergencies.


As the Spring Festival was near, the epidemic was spreading faster than expected. Mom started her long battle of guard. Every day, she went out early and came back late. She often went out late at night after receiving a phone call. To make it easier to go out, she slept on the couch with her clothes on. On January 22, the hospital admitted the first confirmed novel coronavirus case. Mom was even busier at work. Her duty was to analyze the situation, clarify the process, screen the infected patients, isolate the sources of infection, supervise the medical personnel to get well protected and guide disinfection. Mom shuttled through every corner of the hospital like a scout, involved in every link, from preview triage to fever clinic, from observation wards to isolation wards, from space to objects, from ground to medical waste disposal, from specimen delivery to patient transport. She was present in all "high-risk" sites, in every infection control link, and in the protection of every person. She built the last line of defense against the COVID-19 virus. As the situation turned serious, medical workers were told to stick to their posts. My grandma called for days in a row asking if we would go back for the Spring Festival. Although it was only an hour's drive, mom was sorry to say no. My aunt was also fighting in her post in the hospital. So regrettably, we did not have a family reunion for the Spring Festival this year.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a lack of medical supplies became a big problem. All sectors of society tried every means to help epidemic prevention and control. On February 6, with the help of the municipal overseas Chinese federation, my school fellows and I handed over donated disinfectants to the hospital, to support mom both materially and spiritually. This work let me know that in this battle, though I was not a medic on the frontline, a small action like mine could still be a little help to the victory of the battle. We were all members of the community with shared future. My family was confident the chilly winter would be over soon.


On February 24, over 80 percent of the patients were cured in the hospital. A patient discharged from the hospital after recovery said, "Those who say that stars are shining brightly haven't seen the nurses' eyes." Nurses are ordinary people. But every ordinary person can burn themselves to illuminate others. We have a long way to go. But as long as we have rays of light in our hearts, we won't fear temporary night and sorrow. We will be able to drift along at the moment, and look forward to a brighter future. 

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