Ten-Year Development Program of CNOOD


I 序言 



At CNOOD, the greatest freedom is the freedom of choice—the freedom of the choice of individual roles, cooperative teams, development orientation, business models, etc. Nevertheless the most important of them is the freedom of the choice of fulfilling the value of our lives.

II 愿景



With the theory of common interests as our guidance, we devote ourselves to creating a boundaryless organic ecosystem which is created, managed and shared by all its members. We will work in full cooperation and with unity of purpose, and strive to build CNOOD into a dreamland which everyone loves, cherishes and gravitates to.

III 战略定位

Strategic Positioning


In the next ten years, we will adhere to our development strategy which, with the engineering segment playing a leading role, is based on engineering-related trade and underpinned by education. We will continue to accumulate while carrying on what has been started. With resource endowment as the driving force, orientated by technologies and boosted by financial instruments, we will intensify innovation and create a path of sustainable development for both the company and its members.

IV 十年规划目标

Objectives of the Ten-Year Program



Continuing to extend our 

global business network

1.1 加大资本、人员及技术投入,进一步优化资源配置,强化在重点区域的现有业务巩固及新业务开发。以项目机会为契机,进一步完善并推进合伙人、分公司、子公司三级海外业务发展体系建设,推进全球业务布局。

1.1 We will increase our investment of capital, human resources and technology, further optimize the allocation of resources, and redouble our efforts to consolidate existing businesses and develop new ones in key regions. We will draw on project opportunities to further improve and promote the building of the three-tier (partner–branch office–subsidiary) overseas business development system, thus strengthening our global business network.

1.2 对合伙人、分公司、子公司建立考评体系。对所有分公司开展年度考评,利润贡献较大分公司,在下一年度优先考虑升级为子公司。对子公司业务进行双年考评,利润贡献持续增长的子公司,应优先考虑下一年度加大投入。对持续亏损或不盈利的子公司或分公司,应在当期考评结束的下一年,降级或关停。对合伙人实行双年考评,业务突出的合伙人加大对其支持力度。

1.2 We will establish assessment and evaluation systems for partners, branch offices and subsidiaries. For all branch offices, assessment and evaluation will be conducted on an annual basis. Any branch office that has made bigger profit contribution will be given priority to be upgraded to a subsidiary in the following year. For subsidiaries, assessment and evaluation will be conducted on a biennial basis. Priority should be given to any subsidiary that has constantly made bigger profit contribution when we are to increase investment in the following year. Any subsidiary or branch office that has continuously been running at a loss or has failed to make a profit should be downgraded or closed in the subsequent year after the assessment and evaluation. For partners, assessment and evaluation will be conducted on a biennial basis. More support will be provided for partners who have delivered outstanding performance in their business.

1.3 在大力推进重点区域业务发展的同时,积极响应国家政策导向,投入更多资源参与 “一带一路”沿线国家项目跟踪,并合理策划方案,提高项目落地比例。条件成熟的一带一路国家,优先发展合伙人,建立分公司或子公司。

1.3 While making great efforts to advance our business in key regions, we actively respond to the government’s policies and devote more resources to following the projects located in "Belt and Road" countries. In addition, we will work out rationalized plans to increase the proportion of projects actually implemented. We will give priority to "Belt and Road" countries with mature conditions when we recruit partners or set up overseas branch offices or subsidiaries.

1.4 加强对各国政治风险评估,充分考虑法律合规性等风险的防范,及时做出布局调整。政治稳定、风险较小、项目落地周期较短国家,应该优先考虑成立子公司或分公司。周期较长的项目,应充分考虑周期内项目所在国的潜在风险,采取有效风险防范措施。

1.4 We should improve the assessment of country-specific political risks, fully consider the prevention of compliance risks and make prompt adjustments in our businesses. We will give priority to countries with stable political situations, low risks and shorter project implementation cycles when planning to set up new subsidiaries or branch offices. As for any project with a longer cycle, full consideration should be given to potential risks in the country where the project is located during the cycle period and effective measures should be taken to prevent those risks.



Devoting major efforts to 

expand business sectors

2.1 突出重点,兼顾平衡;进一步巩固石油、天然气、水处理、矿山、基建、新能源六大领域内优势项目的落实,深化水处理、新能源等领域的布局,推进六大领域业务全面开展。

2.1 Emphasis will be placed on key businesses while a healthy balance between all businesses will also be taken into account. We will continue to advance the implementation of competitive projects in such sectors as oil, natural gas, water treatment, mines, infrastructure construction and new energy. We will strengthen our presence in water treatment and new energy, thus advancing the all-round development of our business in the above six sectors.

2.2 产品方面,坚持原材料制造、钢管、钢结构业务的基础地位,推进产品向高端、智能及模块化发展。

2.2 As regards our products, we will maintain the fundamental status of raw material manufacturing, steel tubes and steel structures , and push ahead with the improvement of our projects, moving toward high-end, smart and modular manufacturing.

2.3  紧跟各国政策导向,基于各国资源禀赋与特点,聚焦核心领域,发展新兴领域,加快前瞻性行业布局步伐。在明确发展方向和路径后组建专业化团队,将局部市场成功经验推广复制,并最终实现核心版块业务模式全球化。

2.3 Keeping up with policy directions of different countries, we will accelerate the forward-looking industrial structuring by focusing on core areas and seeking development in emerging areas, according to the resource endowment of different countries. We will build specialized teams once we have identified development orientation and path, and spread successful practices in regional markets, finally achieving the globalization of the business models of core segments.

2.4 积极关注新技术发展,充分利用人工智能、区块链、云计算、物联网、大数据、5G等前沿技术或学科成果,促进公司发展与创新。

2.4 We will pay active attention to the progress of new technologies and make the most of frontier technologies, including but not limited to, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing, IoT(Internet of Things), big data and 5G, thus advancing the development and innovation of the company.



Continuing to extend the 

industrial chains

3.1 以项目采购服务为基础,强化项目设计、施工、融资、管理的能力。完善现有领域EPC项目专业总包、分包、转包的资源配置。做到“拿得到,做得好”。在现有EPC业务基础上,向EPC+方向发展升级。

3.1 Based on project purchasing services, we will enhance our capabilities of project designing, construction, financing and management. We will optimize the resource allocation in the general contracting and subcontracting of EPC projects in existing areas, ensuring that we are able to "get it and do it well". With our current EPC businesses, we are ready to evolve toward "EPC+" in the future.

3.2 发展材料研究及应用、工程设计、材料制造、工程管理控制及运营、大宗贸易、全球供应链管理、物流运输、教培研版块等,逐渐形成产学研一体化的全产业链集团化公司。紧密结合市场需求与行业发展趋势,打造设计中心、研发中心、工程项目运营控制中心、全球供应链管理中心、材料制造中心、物流中心等中心版块,创建全方位、多领域协同发展的格局。

3.2 We will advance materials research and application, engineering design, material manufacturing, engineering management and operation control, trade in bulk commodities, global supply chain management, logistics management as well as education, training and research, gradually forming a whole-industry-chain group company with the integration of industry and research. Paying close attention to market needs and the trends of industrial development, we will set up design center, R&D center, engineering project operation control center, global supply chain management center, material manufacturing center and logistics center, achieving all-dimensional, multiple-area coordinated development.



Building teams of professional talents


A company's competitiveness, in essence, is underpinned by its competitiveness for talents. In the next ten years, we will devote ourselves to building a considerably large team which, systematically composed of the finest talents, forms an echelon of professionals and displays the power of good teamwork.

4.1 加大从国内外知名高校招聘优质毕业生的力度,按照个人专业背景及发展意愿制订完整的培训、培养计划,分领域建立专业技术人才储备中心。为不同部门、不同职能、不同版块储备完整的后备人才。同时,加强综合能力培养,打造专业特长突出,综合能力出众的复合型人才队伍。

4.1 We will redouble our efforts to recruit high-quality graduates from renowned universities both in China and abroad. Detailed plans of training are to be made according to their educational backgrounds and career development orientations. Talents reserve centers for professionals and technical personnel will be established on an area-by-area basis, thus preparing full-range talents for different departments, functions and business segments. In the meanwhile, we will intensify the training of their comprehensive skills and build a team of multiple-skill talents with outstanding professional advantages and comprehensive capabilities.

4.2 充分发挥合伙人制度的优势,分领域、分版块整合并吸引国内外设计、采购、施工、安装等领域的顶尖人才或专家以个人或团队形式加入。

4.2 We will give full play to the advantage of the partnership system, attract first-class talents or experts in designing, purchasing, construction, installation, etc both in China and from abroad, who are expected to join us as individuals or teams.

4.3 坚持以培养人为优先的公司人才储备战略,分阶段培养具有全球视野的综合型项目经理,具有CEO格局的公司核心管理层,实现人才引进与培养相结合的格局。

4.3 We will stick to the strategy of talent reserve prioritizing the training of people, train multiple-skill project managers with global vision, and foster core management with the capability and broad-mindedness of CEO, thus achieving the combination of talent introduction and training.

4.4 完善人才考评体系,坚持优中选优,能者先升的人才晋升通道。对不符合要求的人才,及时调整或调离工作岗位。完善从助理、经理、高级经理到合伙人晋升体系的考评内容。营造“上升无限制,发展无瓶颈”的公司人才晋升体系。

4.4 We will improve our talent assessment and evaluation system, while keeping to the promotion channel based on the principle of "picking the best of the best and giving priority to the able ones." Those who fail to meet the requirements of a certain post will be transferred to another one. We will refine the assessment methodology for assistants, managers, senior managers and partners, thus establishing a promotion system with "no limitations to upward mobility and no bottleneck in career development."

4.5 坚持“利益共享、员工优先”的基本分配原则。员工薪酬和分配比例与业绩挂钩,传统业务维持原有分配模式,新业务分配模式依据业务特点调整。能者多劳,劳者多得。进一步完善市场开发激励政策,鼓舞员工奋勇争先开拓市场。

4.5 We will adhere to the fundamental principle of "shared interests, people first" in our compensation policies. The compensations people receive are linked with their business performance. Traditional model of compensation will be maintained in existing businesses while adjustments will be made in new businesses according to their characteristics. “The abler one is, the more one should do; the more one does, the more one will receive.” We will further improve the incentive policies for market development and encourage people to bravely compete to outperform others.

4.6 坚持员工自我教育提升与互相学习进步相结合,人人争当教育家,创建良好的个人成长环境与企业学习氛围。

4.6 Combining self-education and peer learning, every member of CNOOD strives to be an educator, thus creating a good environment for personal growth and a healthy atmosphere of learning for the company as a whole.


Inspired by the above spirit, CNOOD is determined to build a first-class international team, whose vibrant, enthusiastic, professional, and rigorous members are united as one and brave enough to take on responsibilities.



Building a network in the financial 

sector with deeper involvement 

in the capital market

5.1 以公司的发展战略为引领,借用各类平台、寻找多种融资手段、创新融资工具、丰富融资模式以支持公司业务发展。同时,强化公司资金管理水平,降低公司资金成本。此外,运用金融手段建立并完善风险防控体系。

5.1 Guided by our development strategy, we will support the growth of our businesses by employing various platforms, seeking multiple means of financing, exploring new financing tools and enriching our financing models. In the meanwhile, we will improve fund management and lower the capital costs. In addition, we will use financial measures to establish and improve our risk prevention and control system.

5.2 择机开展投资收购等资本运作,借助专业化运营,建立上市公司孵化制度。以施璐德亚洲有限公司为孵化中心,让成熟的或高度专业化的业务版块适时剥离,形成独立的上市主体。在未来十年要争取建立8到10个上市团队,打造2-3家上市公司,并建立起各版块上市规划路线图。

5.2 We will initiate capital operation including investment and M&A at appropriate times and establish incubation mechanism for would-be listed companies by professional operation. With CNOOD as the incubation hub, mature or highly specialized business segments will be stripped in appropriate phases to form independent entities as candidates for listed companies. We will try our best to form eight to ten teams for this task in the next ten years and create two or three listed companies. A road map to the creation of listed companies in respective business segments will also be worked out.

5.3 完成金融产业基础布局,汇集优秀的专业人才队伍,初步打造包含银行、保险、信托、基金、融资租赁、财务公司等多种形式的金融产业版块雏形,最终在为公司创收的基础上,实现公司产业结构升级,为公司永续发展注入不竭动力。

5.3 We will complete the basic network in the financial sector, pool the best professional talents, and basically create a financial segment with multiple business forms including banking, insurance, trust, funds, financial leasing and finance companies. While increasing revenue for the company, this helps to realize industrial upgrading and provide inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable growth of the company.  



Exploring new mechanism of 

corporate governance for a 

shared future by 

cooperation and participation

6.1 完善董事会建设,坚持董事会领导下的公司治理机制。关系公司发展方向、股东核心利益的问题,坚持股东大会及董事会多数表决相结合的原则。建立完善董事会、股东、员工三者之间的沟通渠道,减少管理成本,提高管理效率。同时,进一步拓宽员工、股东、董事三者间角色转换渠道,表现杰出的员工,给予股权激励,或优先推选为董事。业绩突出的股东,享有股权优先购买权。

6.1 We will further strengthen the Board of Directors while adhering to the corporate governance mechanism under the leadership of the Board. We uphold the principle of combining the majority decision at the general meeting of shareholders and that at the Board of Directors as regards issues concerning the company’s development orientation or core interests of shareholders. We will establish and improve the communication channel between the Board, shareholders and employees to reduce management costs and enhance efficiency. In the meanwhile, we will further expand the role-switching channels between employees, shareholders and Board members. Employees with outstanding performance will be granted stock options or be given priority in nomination of candidates for Board members. Shareholders with outstanding performance shall enjoy preemptive right.

6.2 以上市公司的标准,建立健全董事会及高层管理人员的职责及评估制度;进一步优化董事结构,明确董事会的职责与权限,发挥董事会的决策作用,提高公司的决策能力;在董事会内部进行专业分工,使得董事会工作实现专门化;建立董事评估制度,围绕创造长期股东价值,设计涵盖财务、公司战略、人力资源、公共关系等方面的业绩指标;完善独立董事制度,增强公司决策的科学性和公正性,最大程度保障股东的利益。

6.2 We will establish and steadily improve the systems of responsibilities and assessment for the Board of Directors and senior management based on the requirements for a listed company. We will further optimize the composition of Board of Directors, define clearly the responsibilities and limits of authority of the Board, give full play to the decision-making role of the Board, and enhance its decision-making capabilities. Division of work will be carried out within the Board to achieve specialization in its operation. We will establish assessment and evaluation system for Board members, which, focusing on long-term shareholder value, includes performance indicators of financial status, corporate strategy, human resources and public relations. We will improve the system of independent Board members to help the company to make decisions in a scientific and impartial manner, thus fully protecting the interests of our shareholders.

6.3 未来十年,公司将积极推进区块链管理,继续深化扁平化管理等管理理念与架构的实施,以标准化与集成化相结合的方式,以操作手册和WORKBENCH为主要方式,创新公司治理机制,力求实现高效决策、专业发展,形成别具特色的共同决策、共同治理、共同发展的有机生态系统。

6.3 In the next ten years, CNOOD will actively promote blockchain management and continue to further the implementation of managerial concepts and architectures such as flat management. Combining standardization and integration, we will use Work-manuals and WORKBENCH as the primary means to explore new mechanism of corporate governance and achieve highly efficient decision-making and specialized development, thus forming an organic ecosystem with its own uniqueness, whose members act in concert to make decisions, perform management tasks and achieve development.




Based on a flat organization architecture, CNOOD, with the standardized operation process as its functioning mechanism, has achieved high degree of combination of management and efficiency. We have formulated and refined a series of Work-manuals to provide norms and guidance for relevant businesses and control company-level risks. In the future, Work-manuals will be promptly supplemented, iterated and upgraded in line with the development plans of the company.



We will further pool wisdom to constantly enhance WORKBENCH, which is independently developed by CNOOD, to achieve its phased goal of growing bigger and stronger and becoming globally renowned in the industry. At a later stage within the next ten years, the platform will gradually be open to outside users. We will continuously reinforce, through the guidance of company-level policies, the role of WORKBENCH in the daily operation and management of the company, thus promoting overall operating efficiency.


In the next ten years, WORKBENCH attempts to realize the following functions:


A. Keeping up rapid iteration. It will rapidly respond to the needs of the company’s strategic planning, business development and corporate management by upgrading and improving the system.


B. Intensify R&D in multiple-terminal application. It is to be adapted to various types of terminal devices to enhance user-friendliness and interaction experience.


C. Realizing "Intelligent CNOOD". It aims to promote business systematization, scientific management and flat organization architecture by drawing on technologies such as Internet, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), providing support for the development and decision-making of the company as well as the appointment of managerial personnel.


D. Building an industry-level ecosystem. It aims to create an integrated platform of big data, which is accessible to industrial partners. It is supposed to enhance the efficiency and quality of cooperation and boost the coordinated development of the industry.



Improving Party (CPC) building 

as a driver of growth

7.1 突出主题,创新载体,加强党的思想建设。积极发挥党员先锋模范作用,团结并带领公司不畏艰难,开拓进取,铸造辉煌。

7.1 We will highlight the focus and explore new ways of strengthening the ideological work of the Party. Giving full play to the exemplary and vanguard role of Party members, we will unite and lead all CNOODers in fearless, pioneering efforts for a bright future.

7.2 加强领导,完善机制,加强党的组织建设。积极探索“支部建在项目上”的组织形式,充分发挥党支部的战斗堡垒作用,加强公司的集体凝聚力,用支部建设推动公司生产力发展。

7.2 We will improve our leadership and refine the mechanism to consolidate the organizations of the Party. We will actively explore the forms of "building Party branches on the projects," bring into full play the role of Party branch committees as "militant bastions," promote the collective cohesion of the company, and enhance company-level productivity by the building of Party branch committees.



Paying great attention to CSR and 

creating a harmonious, 

beautiful home for us all

8.1 探索建立终身教育体制、退休养老福利体系等关系员工终身幸福的教育、福利制度,为子孙后代建立完善的成长、成才通道,为全体员工提供安心舒适的生活环境。

8.1 We will explore the possibility of establishing education and welfare systems concerning the lifelong happiness of all CNOODers, including the systems of lifelong education and retirement welfare. We aim to establish  channels of growth for our children and grandchildren, and provide comfortable living conditions for all CNOODers.

8.2 积极参与希望工程等各类社会福利及慈善事业,为全人类的共同发展做出贡献。

8.2 We will actively participate in various social welfare and charity causes such as "Project Hope", making contributions to human progress.

V 结语

Concluding Remarks


The next ten years will be a period of crucial importance for the development of the company. We will work in full cooperation and with unity of purpose, strengthen the value-creating capabilities of the company, and push it into a fast track of growth.


Embracing the corporate culture of "caring numbers of others’ delightfulness, creating new ocean of delightfulness," we work hard to help, train and fulfill people, and strive tirelessly to build the company into a community of shared interests, cause and future where all CNOODers have access to childcare, education, employment, medical services, elderly care, housing, and social assistance.


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