Advancing in the Company of

 Men with Positive Energy


As a Chinese saying goes, we must keep good companions on a journey and good neighbors as we reside.



It matters with whom we get together in the world, as companions may affect our life. As we keep their company, we may become very much like them. By being among excellent people, and by growing up bravely, we will stand at an even higher height, see different scenes and make a difference.


I have credible, positive people around me. They are credible in that they handle everything entrusted to them, and give firm responses. Truly credible persons are certainly humble ones. They are never arrogant, never full of hot air, or claim credit for themselves. Instead, they keep a low profile, seemingly humble and steadfast. They are disgusted with bragging about their achievements, or belittling the efforts of others. They are serious and steadfast in cultivating their own careers step by step. Dennis, for instance, is such a man, steady and reliable Everyone wants to partner with him, team up for projects. When in trouble, he will never escape, but take his responsibility. When he encounters problems, he will reflect on himself first, and take the initiative to assume responsibility in a frank, open way. He shows his abilities, works hard in a conscientious, down-to-earth manner, gaining the trust of others. As we have got along for some time, we are inevitably influenced to broaden our visions, work in a down-to-earth approach, and are taken seriously. In this way, our road of life will become even wider.


Dennis is also a man of positive energy, cheerful in the heart. He’s been telling us to behave with grace. He never complains in face of difficulties, but deals with them calmly. His mood inspires us, letting us release positive energy. We enjoy chatting with him on topics from work to life, from friends to family, from the past to the present and to the future, as if there were a lot more things left unsaid. He radiates cheerful sunshine even in days cloudy, doubling the confidence of people around him so that they feel the glory of human nature and the beauty of the society. We feel safe, relaxed, pleasant working with him, and experience the significance and interest of life. As a result, we all like him, as he is a man of positive energy shining in his own light!


If we are to incessantly release positive energy, we have to meet people of positive energy, absorb positive energy while releasing it, to keep life constantly fresh. A person's energy is limited. It varies in intensity among different people. But people cherishing the same dreams may harmonize their energies. Life is full of dangers. We must forge ahead with credible people who are full of positive energy, avoid detours and perfect ourselves.


About Author

姜洁 Tina Jiang


As the Mom of a seven-year-old little girl, Tina Jiang has realized, while being with the child, that not only the child but also herself need to grow constantly. You will be able to educate your child and make him/her become better and better only if you become better yourself. Gradually you will find your temperament reflected in your child while he/she is growing. A child is influenced by your gestures, speeches or even your temper. After all, the way you make effort is also seen by your child.

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