Progress along My Own Way, and Create My Own History

      邬成/Amanda Wu


“Progress along my own way, and create my own history.” This is my promise to the year 2018 and the career onward, hoping to greatly improve my working skills and behave more in a more assured way in the coming year.


Looking back on the year 2017, I have experienced a lot and have grown a lot through practical exercise in projects. From quotation to the final shipment, I made full use of the scraps of information I got in the first year and had achieved a general grasp of project implementation. During that period, I faced difficult choices and troublesome affairs, but finally succeeded in carrying out the project with the help of many fellow members of the CNOOD family.


I participated in the “Asian-Pacific Business Schools Desert Challenge” in May 2017, in which I covered approximately 70 kilometers in three days. As a member of Team A, I not only had to cover the minimum distance for every day but also had to finish it in the fixed time. This was more like a test of my tenacity. Every day, the only thing in my mind when I woke up was: “I must finish the distance today in the fixed time.” And I would say to myself silently before I went to sleep at night, “Take a good rest, and go on fighting tomorrow.” Unfortunately, I had blisters on my heels because of the sand coming into my shoes the first day, and felt uncomfortable in walking for the next two days. It was the willpower that enabled me, who did not do much exercise on a daily basis, to finish the challenge and helped our team to win the “Gull Award” in the end. Take every step firmly and control your rhythm, you will eventually produce satisfying results. 


I was lucky to be a member of the organizing crew of the 2017 annual meeting. The selection of the venue, the invitation of attending guests, and the rehearsal of the program were all full of the intelligence and diligence of every member of the crew. During the last week before the annual meeting, we met almost once a day to communicate about the progress. The annual meeting took place with success as a result of the hard work of all the members of the organizing crew, who had confirmed each and every detail of it.


Go your own way; let others talk. Yes. There will be a miracle if you have chosen a direction, stick to it, and do your best in every small thing.


History, for spectators, is but a story; it is about personal delightfulness and feelings for those who are actually involved. Yes. Why not do your best in the present moment? It is not to astonish the future generations to come, but at least for yourselves not to leave anything you will regret for.

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      邬成/Amanda Wu

邬成 Amanda


Amanda graduated from School of Materials and Science & Engineering, Shanghai University with a Master’s degree in 2016. With a delicate and meek appearance, she has a strong heart and never shrinks back.






——Dennis Chi

跟随内心 止于至善


——Fay Lee

How Shall We Begin?

Remember no one can go back & change a bad beginning, but anyone can start now & create a successful ending. According CNOOD motto: Flame your heart, brilliant your future! So please wake up & start seriously not as a follower, act as a powerful leader.




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