Here is the Place Where New Buds Grow, and Dreams Start


I still remember what Dennis shared with us shortly after the Spring Festival of 2015—“New Bud, and the unapproachable Dream”. Just graduating from college, I worked at CNOOD as my first job. A freshman in the company, I was just like a new bud growing in the fertile soil of CNOOD. Recently, it is popular with apps to summarize the last year by “footprints”. The following are my “footprints” during the time more than one year since I joined CNOOD. 

常熟 Changshu


Changshu was my first stop in CNOOD, where I was lucky enough to witness the birth of Changshu Processing Center, which later became CNOOD Equipment Manufacturing (Changshu) Co., Ltd. It was still cold when we arrived in Changshu for the first time, with strong winds around the port. The No. Six Warehouse was all empty; the ground was uneven, too. Later, the ground was leveled, internal and external welders arrived, and the corrosion protection line was built. When the first pipe was delivered from the stock and when the first project was completed, I was deeply proud of CNOOD. With this project, I get a deep understanding that CNOOD is willing to offer everyone a broad platform, where all of us can work freely. Only in such an atmosphere can one bring initiative into full play and activate one’s potentiality. We can do anything if we are determined and do our best wholeheartedly. Here, I saw the guts and endeavor of CNOOD.

沙市 Shashi


Shashi was my first stop since I formally join CNOOD, where I carried out a project from the very beginning. From confirmation of technical documentation to project progress, and problem solving in the process of the project, I learned the way of communicating with factories. This project was the first cooperation between CNOOD and Shashi Steel Pipe Factory. We experienced running-in during the initial stage. As the project proceeded, the cooperation between us got smoother and smoother, and our way of working was highly recognized and appreciated. Here, I saw the charm of CNOOD.

天津 Tianjin


The TPCO project in Tianjin was the first one I carried out independently, allowing me to get a deeper understanding of logistics, customs declaration etc., with which I was previously somewhat unfamiliar. In this project, I was involved in direct communication with a client. This enabled me to conduct a project from both the purchasing and sales points of view. When I carried out a project independently, I need to take many factors into account and make overall plans accordingly. I gained the most from the process, and my satisfaction was also the greatest. The moment I took a photo of the seal of the last container, as the sun was setting in the west, I felt the sense of duty as a CNOOD member.  

海门 Haimen


With Shanghai Construction (Jiangsu) Steel Structure Co., Ltd., I carried out my first steel structure project, which was an entirely new to me. With the progress of project, the first couple batches of products were delivered, and we got more projects because of the client’s recognition of and trust on us. This project lasted for over four months, which cost the longest time in all the projects I had carried out. It enabled me to have a deeper understanding of project management. Opportunities are only for prepared minds; you can look up at stars only if you plant your feet firmly on the ground. You will be amply rewarded so long as you make commitment wholeheartedly. Through this project, I saw the future of CNOOD.  


Above are some of my major “footprints” since I joined CNOOD. Though I joined CNOOD not very long ago, I have deeply felt the charm of it, especially the sense of belonging that makes me calm down when I return to the office after a long business trip. CNOOD is a big, warm family, with members caring for each other. Meanwhile, the big family itself needs the guard from everyone, rendering it more splendid and creating more delightfulness.